Travel Traders LLC


Information Systems


The business operates a single integrated EPOS system linked to each retail location and to the Miami support center. This system allows sku level information to be tracked and managed throughout the business.

All inventory and vendor files are managed by the central merchandising department. Only this team has the ability to enter new sku’s and remove old sku’s from the system and manage cost and retail prices, including markdowns and other price adjustments.

All merchandise is ordered, received and sold through the system. System generated purchase orders (initial orders in Miami/replenishment orders in-store) are communicated to vendors either via EDI or fax. Merchandise is received by each store into the system prior to display. Sales are scanned, automatically registering the sku level sale and removing the inventory sold.

Sales data is automatically polled each evening through to Miami.

Cycle counts of in-store inventory are performed on a regular basis and the system data updated accordingly.